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Why do we have such a complicated relationship with sunglasses?

Sunglasses are not worn just to protect our eyes from rays: they can also enhance our presence.

Wearing sunglasses involves “Style Psychology” … it is a matter of how we want others to perceive us when we put them on.

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Sunglasses can do the following:

• Hide emotions and thoughts (Anna Wintour)
• Enhance sexual appeal (Don Johnson)
• Add a layer of charm (Tom Cruise)
• Seduce (Lolita)
• Take it over the top (Elton John)
• Heighten the level of mystique (Jackie O)
• Ratchet up the cool factor (Samuel Jackson)


With so many styles, shapes, colors, and materials available, you are sure to find the perfect pair to express your own Style Psychology!

A return to the streamlined, refined simple designs done well with a focus on details and fittings. This collection merges modern denim tailoring with tonal embroidery for t-shirts and jackets.

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The Glare - Sunglasses