The 5th Edition
The fifth edition of The Glare has arrived! This is an exciting period for the magazine. The new layout makes it easier for our readers to interact with the featured headlines.

Excited is an understatement regarding our new collaboration with France 24 television, a channel offering news in French, English and Arabic. When they agreed to collaboration; it felt as if we had found a winning lottery ticket in front of a Louis Vuitton Store! Of course we are honored to work with a global media platform to bring or readers all the latest news in fashion, travel, lifestyle as well as special news stories in all forms.

In this issue we focus on the cinema. Going to the movies has always been a social medium, a shared experience when the lights go down. A good movie appeals to everyone! We will meet four rising performers in the cinema world who could become household names in the near future. We will also chat with Festival del film Locarno Creative Director Carlo Chatrian, who explains the challenges of steering one of the most influential film festivals in the world. Finally, the dazzle, pageantry, and spectacle of The Cannes Film Festival with up to date coverage from France 24 is on tap. We pay homage to film noir with our latest fashion production from London influenced by the style of the genre.

The Fashion Alpha City Paris is front and center, a place where fashion flows in the veins of the inhabitants. Paying visits and getting tours and interviews from original designers and shops was pure delight, giving us an appreciation of skills and craftsmanship involved in making quality suits, shoes, and watches. A visit to Paris is not complete without shopping in the best stores and feeling like a lead character in an Audrey Hepburn film. Printemps, the new boutique in Louvre, has set a new standard, while the main store on Boulevard Haussmann continues to define itself as a modern shopping palace. Colette is the Chic Parisian Boutique, a shop always on the cutting edge of fashion retail. As I say in every Editor’s Letter, The Glare is a work in progress with a lot of potential. We are always trying new things.