The Glare - Robinson Les Bains Interview

How would you define the Robinson Les Bains style?

Robinson les Bains’ universe is a mixture between elegance and a « sophisticated-retro » touch, ideal for the sharp and refined gentleman, sensible about his look on the beach as well as in the city.
Adventure-Seeker, the Robinson man is always searching for some isolated beaches. Curious, and both passionated, he also has a strong self-affirmation and self-esteem.

Did the success of Robinson Les Bains surprise you?

I was really optimistic , the surprise was that we were sold out in 4 months the 1st season in 2008 !

Why are your bathing suits so sexy on men?

We are offerring many dirffents cuts, colors and print so that evebody can find the perfect fit. I think that what make them sexy comes from the cut of our bathing suits, these are cut as pants, so they fit perfectly the body of every person wearing a Robinson swimsuit.

Do you recommend a particular style of bathing suit for certain body types?

Not really, I think that about your physical appaerance, you have to choose the shirt that please you, the one in which you will feel beautiful. Anyway, the most important is not so much going to be the choice of the swimsuit, but particularly the choice of its size. If you choose a bathing suit in your right size, you will feel more confortable at once but also more beautiful for sure.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Seeing Chris Martin wearing a RLB short

What is next for the brand?

Many more steps to do : dress women and their kids. So we ll have famille reunion picture …everybody wears Robinson

What shouldn’t a man hide under his swimsuit?

A ridiculous push up !

If you could visit any beach in the world today where would it be?

Le Cap Ferret … in the south of Bordeaux, in France

The Glare - Robinson Les Bains Interview