The Glare - Johnathan Meizler - The Creative Director of  Title of Work
The Glare - Johnathan Meizler - The Creative Director of  Title of Work

Johnathan Meizler, The Creative Director of Title of Work

Johnathan Miezler is a renaissance man. Not only is he a fashion designer, he also designs furniture, art, as well, he is a filmmaker. His Title of Work ties and accessories are handmade with fabrics from Italy and England.

His Fall 2013 collection is inspired by spirit and sexual iconography.

Jonathan is a member of the CFDA.

Where is the collection made?

The ‘title of work’ collection is hand made in New York. The majority of our beadwork is hand stitched in our studio. Each piece is self- tipped and finished with an amulet that is stitched to the back of each tie. It is a special detail for the wearer alone. The amulets change per season depending upon the collection’s inspiration.

What was your vision when you launched ‘Title of Work’?

I launched ‘title of work’ in the fall of 2011. I wanted to create a collection of men’s accessories that explored both cultural and design concepts and bridges the worlds of fashion, art, industrial design, and architecture- with a sense of purpose and humor.
It was important for me to create ‘title of work’ with a specific identity and a finely curated point of view to tell a complete story. The origin of the name ‘title of work’ is adopted from the art world. We chose to incorporate the visual language of that world– from the label to the packaging- replete with the red dot- (which symbolizes that a piece is sold.)
I felt that the necktie was a perfect canvas to showcase concepts not typically associated with the symbol of refinement. The process of deconstructing and reconstructing cultural elements tie into each collectionfrom body mods, taxidermy, and playing with gender
roles, etc… Each theme is developed with attention to detail, integrity of construction, and functionality in mind

What type of man wears your tie?

‘title of work’ is geared toward the creative business executive, entrepreneur, or ‘design’ enthusiast. He is a traveler; educated and brand loyal. An individual who is able to appreciate and understand quality and originality.
I design each collection in 3 segments: Editorial- which could be heavily embroidered- and have a definitive ‘wow’ factor. Business – which are more understated- and Black tie. Each is relevant for what they were designed for.

The collection was influenced by the art world. Was there one artist in particular? Or Art Era?

The concept of ‘title of work’ collection is inspired by the art world. I use the tie as a canvas to create sculptural objects in the form of an accessory. I am inspired by the work of many artists work– for instance I found great inspiration from Mathew Day Jackson – and Monika Sosnowska – for my next collection. The art is used as reference points- though my collection bares little visual resemblance to their work.

Is there a creative process when you design a tie collection?

I basically deconstruct and reconstruct a concept that I find fascinating on a creative / social or psychological level.. I am innately drawn toward the darker realms of society and enjoy playing with these concepts. At times I feel as though I barely scratched the surface on a certain collection, – so I am able to revisit and use elements from previous seasons that I did not have a chance to explore previously. I am also able to incorporate incredible elements of precious stones and silver to leather, bones and feathers in each collection.

The Glare - Johnathan Meizler - The Creative Director of  Title of Work