A Shoe Maestro:
Gered Sene from Paris
A desire to revive the male silhouettes of elegance from the 1950’s and 60’s inspired Gerard Sene to open his signature shoe brand in 1989. A clear vision of style, as well as a philosophy of perfectionism, is what make Sene Shoes a special possession in the male wardrobe. Men who are real connoisseurs of marvelous footwear must have a pair.
The Glare had a conversation with Mr. Sene at his store in the Vendome District of Paris.
When did you start designing shoes?
I have been designing for 30 years but 20 years for myself. I started the brand in 1989. My collection was more Rock & Roll than the present line. I was inspired by old couture, the Kennedy Look of 1960’s.
What about the details in the design?
My designs are like expensive cars from Italy, sleek but with many handmade details. The Plisse [crinkled, pebbly surface created by shrinking fabric in small areas] for example is really important, [as well as] the stitching.
Do you have a method when it comes to designing?
My techniques of “foot balance” and Le Pied Tournant [The Turning Foot] are my philosophies. During the 1970’s the straight shoe was developed during the industrialization of shoe production. Many techniques were abandoned for the sake of mass production. Quality was forgotten. I design in the shape of the foot not straight. My shoes are designed and made to fit the foot perfectly almost like a second skin. Your foot has no movement in the shoe.
Should a man be judged by his shoes?
Yes! With great shoes a man becomes a star! He is an Idol of taste! People who love nice things love great footwear. The best of the best!
Are your shoes about seduction?
Obviously yes! They are emotional. People know my designs because of the timeless look with the design.
Is there a female shoe designer you admire?
There are several but many brands work in teams. I am my own team.
What are your future plans?
I am working on seven to ten designs for the French shoe chain Andre.
Why are trainers becoming more important to designers?
Men are not wearing suits like before but they still want high end shoes. This is a period of decadence.
For more information about Gerard Sene contact The Glare or visit: Gerard Sene Paris