Editors Letter: 1nd Edition

Welcome! This is the first edition of The Glare Phase One. Like all adventures, at the beginning you are happy, in the middle you begin to wonder, but when you complete the journey you know it was worth it.

This maybe the first online magazine inspired by Facebook posting. It is one thing to list for friends but another for digital media world. Why? What? Who would be interested? But life is about trying.

The Glare Philosophy: Style and fashion are separate. Fashion is what you buy. Style can’t be bought. It is nurtured and cultivated. One of my rules of style is beware of becoming a fashion misfit. If you are fashion brand advertisement from head to toe it may not be the best look for you.

We hope to inspire, create, and help you build your personal brand and style. In this magazine you will be able to view not only the major brands but also independent designers from around the world along with subjects and features that I find stimulated or uplifting or exciting for example Shoes. YES, shoes will be prominent in The Glare. I was taught ‘Good Shoes and Good Manners open doors”. There are two universal pleasures on Earth, buying ice cream in the summer and buying a pair of new shoes anytime of the year. Ice Cream adds to the waistline!

We hope through these pages you will see ideals and images on how to help you look and feel your best.

We launch with Spring Looks and soon Resort Collections for this summer. The Glare is a mix of luxury and high-end with street wear fashion. Being web based we will use a ‘Fashion Integration” approach the same way designer labels are now making hi-top sneakers. As Chanel said, “mix and match the expensive with the inexpensive.”

The debut of our “In The Mirror” series with Phillip Plein kicks off the first of interviews with fashion designers. We were thrilled he made time for us. How does he do it? Opening Stores, designing extensive collections with gorgeous jackets, etc.

Our first travel feature covers Florence. Center of the Renaissance and Medici Family Empire has retained its rich charm and lure over the centuries. The city was also the birthplace of the Modern Italian Fashion Industry.

It is always interesting to interview a performer on the brink of major stardom.
Luca Marinelli has the “Double A’s” that are appeal and ability. Luca also speaks 5 languages while at the same time he is handsome in an approachable way.

Kehinde Komolafe’s emotional story is our initial book selection. It is a brave person who faces his or her own pains and fears. “I Woke Up In China” is her very personal memoir of self-discovery in a far away land.

Lifestyle features bike, wines, and bubbly all you need for a perfect summer day.

I am indebted to the brands that signed on before the first edition was completed. They took a chance. For that I am in their debt because you cannot have a fashion magazine without fashion.

Of course I could not do this without “Team Glare”. Many volunteered or of course I volunteered them but I could not have accomplished making an online magazine without their help.

Please stay tuned to see what we do next. This is a learning process, taking chances. Many features, updates, as well as new editorial, pictorial, and video content will be added so please keep checking. What is Phase Two? Soon!

I hope you enjoy The Glare!