Editors Letter: 4nd Edition

How to enjoy the Winter with an emphasis on lifestyle are the main themes of this issue.

Snow in the mountains or sun on the beach comes to mind for our travel selections. We decided to go wide with fanstastic locations from top resorts and hotels from around the world whether skiing in Canada or a swim in the Indian Ocean.

It’s not the swimwear but the person in the swimwear. Christophe Verlot Creative Director and founder of Robinson Les Bains gives us his point of view on mens bathing suits.

Our debut features from New York City include a piece on a Broadway classic, Chicago, along with an intrerview from one of the stars, and a soon to be classic, Kinky Boots.

Time Pieces have always been accessories emblematic of status. Besides shoes, a watch speaks many words about a person. Running the gambit of watches from cool and affordable to aspirational to Winning the lottery category, we dedicated a large section to the best chronographs.

We are excited about two new brands in the edition. A warm welcome to fashion house Dior in this issue. The second is Ferragamo menswear.

We are bring our retail experience to you. New features added will include going to stores and shops to check out new products, looks, and services. What we like will tell you about it here.

Editor in Chief