Editors Letter: 3nd Edition

We had a lot of fun putting this issue together! The central theme is Suits and Jazz.

Fall season is more formal and professional. A tailored masculine silhouette is always desireable and never out of style. It is the ulitimate perception of masculinity at the same being the international standard of business dress style. We interviewed four bespoke tailors from four cities, London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles: Udeshi, CInforelli, Michael Andrews Bespoke, and Johnathan Behr. Each tailor is unique but all have one thing in common: their clients expect first-class service and demand a level of styled exclusivity with a distinctive look.

Modern Jazz takes over the Lifestyle section, where we feature six music artists from Brazil to Africa.

The book of the month selection takes a bit of a serious turn. In End This Crisis Now! , Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times contributor Paul Krugman makes a strong case that the economic uncertainity we are in the middle of can be solved by changes in policies from world leaders.

Noel Lee is the quintessential American Entrepreneur with a vision that became an industry. In addition to revolutionizing the audio speaker industry with Monster Cable, he has teamed with Dr. Dre to engineer the Beats headphones that would develop The Headphone Revolution. Mr. Lee sits down with The Glare for a question-and answer session.

This issue of The Glare is the first to feature grooming editorial images and videos. The beauty section focuses on lips and Serge Lutens.

Our travel feature is a quick trip to Alpha Fashion City Milan.

The Glare is delighted to thank all our new sponsors and readers. Welcome to Team Glare!